Lest We Forget Foundation, Inc.



The Mission of Lest We Forget is to provide educational scholarships, academic support services, training and advocacy, to students and families affected by the Prince Edward County 1959-1964 closing of schools.


The idea of the Lest We Forget Foundation originated with Vonita White Foster who was one of those students directly affected by public schools closing in Prince Edward County in 1959.  The Lest We Forget Foundation was organized in 2003, and is composed of former students who were denied a public school education in Prince Edward County for five years because of massive resistance to public school desegregation.  These students have often been characterized as the “Lost Generation” because of the public school closings in the county in 1959 through 1964 when most African-American students were denied a public education, their basic citizenship right because of the color of their skin.

The members of the LWFF are:  Darwyn White Dix, Vonita White Foster, Varian Jackson Kenard, Rita L. Moseley, Willie Richardson, and Edward Thornton



Overview:  Brown Vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

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